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Korea's No. 1 Special Bolt Company
From now on, we will leap to become the
No.1 global future company.

SAMJIN Metal Co., Ltd is a future company that aims to become a
global No.1 specialized bolt company based on technology and
global quality accumulated over 40 years since its foundation in 1981.

It is the only Korean company that produces spindle bolts and cylinder bolts of Gas turbine and is responsible for the development of combined thermal
power plants, nuclear power plants, and marine plants. In collaboration with,
the world's leading turbine manufacturers, GE, Doosan Heavy Industries &
Construction, Mitsubis Heavey Industries, and TOSHIBA
It is located
all over the world as a company specializing in special bolts, both in name
and reality.

The driving force behind the rapid change in the industrial environment of
SAMJIN Metal Co., Ltd was the belief in realizing the world's best quality.
Through continuous innovation, our passion for research and development
to lead technology and produce the best products leads us to a strong
company that will not shake SAMJIN Metal Co., Ltd.

SAMJIN Metal Co., Ltd. promises to become a reliable partner as a No.1 special bolt company in Korea.

CEO Taek-ho Jung

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SAMJIN METAL Co., Ltd. Business number : 622-81-10189 Ceo : Taek-ho Jung
Adress : 164, Dasan-ro, Saha-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea Tel : +82-51-263-3331 Fax : +82-51-264-4292

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